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This is where all the lawyer-y stuff happens.  First Year is an original artist and as such retains intellectual rights to all music streamed, bought, or otherwise encountered on this website.  All products purchased and/or downloaded will be delivered to the customer or your money will be refunded.  First Year does not claim responsibility for any damages incurred upon goods should they occur during shipping.  If you receive damaged goods or are otherwise simply unsatisfied with your product, and inquiry can me made to First Year for a refund or exchange, but no refund or exchange is guaranteed. 

Firs Year owns all products, images, and materials seen on this page and unauthorized use is in violation of copyright laws.  If you wish to use our material in your own work please contact us with your name and intent and negotiations can be held.  First Year retains the right to remove or change the price of products without notice.  Products on this site may be explicit in content and by navigating this website you acknowledge this. Now that we got all the mumbo jumbo out of the way, if you actually just read this give us an email with "GAHBLEZZ" in the subject line and you'll get a free First Year sticker!!